Friday, November 4, 2011

Tantra sex- List of Exercises and Practices

Chapter 1: Relationship as Spiritual Practice
Important of Relationship Exercise
Sorting Our Your Priorities
Chapter 2: Creating Love
Creating a Relationship Vision
Step 1: Individual Desires
Step 2: Your Shared Pictire
Step 3: A Symbolic Rendering
Creative Tension Exercise
Step 1: Your Relationship Vision
Step 2: Your Current Reality

Step 3: Creative Tension
Chapter 3: Celebrating the Differences
Jumping to a Higher Logical Level Exercise
Your Lover as a Mirror Exercise
Calling Each Other on “Stuff” Exercise
Chapter 4: Sex and Spirit: Reuniting Heaven and Earth
Sexual Beliefs Questionnaire
Sex-Positive Statements
Sex-Negative Statements
Sharing Your Answers With Your Lover
Chapter 5: Mastery and Surrender In the Art of Love
Heart Talk
Heart Talk Steps
Heart Talk Example
Life Reflection Exercise
Discovering and Asking For What You Want In Bed
Anatomical Mapping
Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Masturbating While Your Lover Watches
Anal Penetration for Men
Chapter 6: Be Here Now
Stop! Are You In the Moment Now?
Time and Space
Seeing the for Very First Time
Death as Advisor
Thought Backtracking
Perception Without Naming
Enliven Your Senses
Loving Body Discovery
Deep Belly Breathing
Harmonizing Your Breathing
Counting Breaths
Immersion Exercise

Chapter 7: Energy Delights

Grounding Exercise
Opening the First Chakra
Opening the Second Chakra
Opening the Third Chakra
Opening the Fourth Chakra
Opening the Fifth Chakra
Opening the Sixth Chakra
Seven Chakras Meditation Exercise:
Colors and Affirmations
Hands to Heart
PC Pumping
Squeeze and Hold
Squeeze and Push
Back to Front
Sexual Fire Breath
The Passion Pump
PC Pump
Head Action
Moving Energy
Lovers’ Scissors
Chapter 8: Ejaculation Mastery and Male Multiple Orgasm
Masturbation Ceremony for Men
Chapter 9: Freeing the Female Orgasm
Looking at Yourself through the Eyes of a Lover
Masturbation Ceremony for Women
Chapter 10: Planning and Ritual in Sacred Loving
Creating a Temple for Love
The Lovers’ Purifying Bath
Honoring Your God and Goddess
A Lovers’ Ritual
Relaxing and Energizing
Honoring the Feminine
Honoring the Masculine
Renewing Your Vows
Chapter 11: Erotic, Relaxing, Healing Touch

7-Minute Massage
Up and Down
Erotic Massage
Perineum Massage
Anal Massage
Yoni Massage
Lingam Massage

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