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Penis Size & Enlargement Techniques -2

Following the measurement technique described in Penis  you can measure the exact length and girth of your penis. No matter your penis is small or large, there is plenty of techniques out there to increase your penis size. Instead of being anxious about your penis(which is called Small Penis Syndrome) you can be positive and dive into action. Remember, strictly speaking on medical terms, the only method that can increase your size is penile surgery. However, reports show that more than 70% of the patients are unsatisfied with the results after surgery.
Today, we will see some options that are commonly used for Penis enlargement.
Penis Exercises:
These techniques may help you achieve significant growth, when your penis is erect. Remember that your flaccid penis size is never a good estimate. Also, the most important thing before you try any of these exercises is to practice it safely. If it hurts, you should simply stop proceeding further.
Jelqing is the most widely used penis exercise for penis enlargement. The technique involves several phases:
Jelqing warm up:
1) Massage your penis slowly, until you reach an erection half way.
2) Take a towel or a wash cloth, soak in warm water and wrap it around your penis.
3) This will make your penis warmer.
4) After about two minutes, soak the cloth again in warm water and wrap around your penis again
5) Repeat step 4 one more time.
Now your penis is ready for the jelqing technique.
Jelqing Technique:
  1. Massage your penis to reach a partial erection.
  2. Curve your index and thumb to make a circle (this is called the OK sign, see the picture) and hold the penis at its base.
  3. Now pull the penis slowly and steadily, similar to milking a cow. This pulling motion should be done at the base of your penis towards the head of the penis.
  4. This motion should be continued as you move slowly from the base and continue towards the shaft of the penis.
  5. When you reach the head of the penis (glans), stop. Do not do it on the head of the penis.
  6. You can start again from the base of the penis.
  7. Count each pulling motion and do not do more than 100 times for the first day.
  8. Everyday, increase the number by 15. By the end of the month, you would have reached 400.
  9. Do not increase the count anymore and you can do it about 400 strokes a day.
Note: Do not overdo it. If it hurts, you must stop right away.
Jelqing Results & Timeframe:
You have to be realistic with your expectations. The results will usually be seen only after a few months of doing this. Also, many sites claim that jelqing will increase your penis size by 5 inches or more. This is unlikely and you may be able to gain an inch or more. Also, it is highly recommended that you maintain a table of your penis size, measuring it every week.
Kegel Exercises:
Kegel exercises are exercises that involve the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) and can increase your erect penis size. The PC muscle is an arch shaped muscle that connects your tail bone (the last vertebral bone) and your pubic bone. The red area in the picture represents the PC muscle.It is the muscle that supports all the pelvic organs.
Identify the PC muscle:
When urinating, stop in the middle. The muscle you used to stop urinating is the PC muscle.
Another technique is to simply insert a finger into your anus. Keep contracting the muscles to tighten your anus. When you contract the PC muscle, your anus will tighten.
After practicing a few times, you will be instantly able to contract and relax the PC muscle.
Exercise Routine (Perform these everyday):
On the first week,
1. Tighten and hold your PC muscle for 5 seconds.
2. Let the muscle relax for 30 seconds.
3. Repeat step 1 & 2 for about 10 times.
On the second week,
1. Tighten and hold your PC muscle for 15-20 seconds.
2. Let the muscle relax for 30 seconds.
3. Repeat step 1 & 2 for about 10 times.
On the third week,
1. Tighten and hold your PC muscle for 30-40 seconds.
2. Let the muscle relax for 30 seconds.
3. Repeat step 1 & 2 for about 10 times.
From the fourth week onwards,
1. Tighten and hold your PC muscle for 1 minute.
2. Let the muscle relax for 30 seconds.
3. Repeat step 1 & 2 for about 10 times.
You can do these exercises anywhere, even while you are at your desk or in class room. No one will notice you tighten this muscle, as it does not involve your hands or any other part of your body.
Note: Do not overdo these exercises. Also, another common mistake involves tightening other muscles, especially when unable to identify PC muscle or if the muscle is weak. Keep the rest of your body completely relaxed while performing these exercises.
Hanging exercise has been in practice for the last 2000 years, by many African tribes. While you will be able to see the above statement all over the internet, there is no evidence to back it up.
However, there are products called penile weights, which you can buy and hang them on your penis. These are very expensive and it is claimed that they can make your penis bigger.
The idea behind this technique is to enlarge Tunica Albuginea, which is a fibrous connecting tissue in the penis. This technique usually involves tying a very small weight on the penis shaft, and trying to raise it with the penis. As days go by, the weight is gradually increased and results are expected to be seen in a few months.
This technique poses some serious risks, including erectile dysfunction, impotence, loss of blood circulation, etc.

Other Tips to make your penis look bigger:
1. If you are overweight or if you have a pot belly, you have to lose weight. If your penis is say 5 inches long when it is erect, but if you have a protruding potbelly, then you cannot use the full size of the penis. It is also very common for women to think that an overweight partner has a smaller penis, while in reality, the belly is hiding a major portion of the penis.
2. Do not use tight clothing, such as briefs, tight bike wear, etc, especially before sex. Your penis should be held in a comfortable position, in all conditions. Exposing it to frigid environments, clenching your thighs when nervous etc, should be avoided.
3. Take a warm shower everyday before sex, as it enlarges your penis. It is said to increase the size of the penis, gradually.
4. Trim or shave your pubic hair. Men usually have a lot of hair growing in the pubic area. You can shave it off or trim it to retain some hair. Having too much hair will reduce the visibility of the penis. When observed by a partner, a penis with a lot of pubic hair will appear smaller than the size of the actual penis.
5. Build your body. Believe it or not, many women actually observe the rest of a man's body instead of the penis. While most men get turned on by watching a woman’s genitals, women get turned on by watching a man’s other parts of the body or their behavior. Strong shoulders or muscular arms are admired by most women. For this reason, it pays to maintain a well toned, athletic body.
6. Always look at your penis in the mirror and do not look down. Do not look down on your penis, as it will appear smaller. Stand erect in front of the mirror, and then look at it. Better yet, you can watch yourself in the mirror while standing sideways.
7. Be confident about your penis size. Many men are afraid to find a partner because of the fear of having a small penis. This is called Small Penis Syndrome, which is an anxiety disorder. Being scared of humiliation, ridicule, etc will make you depressed. Be confident about your penis size. Even if you have a smaller penis than the average size (see the survey to the right) , be confident. You will be able to satisfy your partner, unless you have micropenis condition.
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